Fair Skies Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, at 's No Rest, Juneau, Alaska, 907.232.5414


From time to time we will post here to offer goats and other miscellaneous items available for sale.  Contacting us by email is best as our phone doesn't always work when we're commuting or working outdoors or in the barn.  If you call, be sure to leave a message and follow-up with an email!

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Updated 1 March 2016

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are based on a cash sale. We can make these animals available in Juneau or we can ship nationwide.  We do accept PayPal so you can pay by credit card, bank draft, or cash.  Please do not send any money through PayPal until we have confirmed agreement to the sale and provided you a total.
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Please also be sure to review our Policies page.


The ENTIRE herd once again tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johne's, September 11, 2014.

Our goats can go in pairs or to other solid, experienced homes with other, similarly-sized, hornless goats.  If you don't already have experience, don't be discouraged!  We can help you build a network of mentors and of course we will help you too even if by long distance!


Here are the milkers we have available:

None currently available

None currently available

Check back soon for more listings and also see our kiddings schedule or contact us for more information. These will not be our best quality does, but we will sell with full disclosure regarding any traits we personally find less than desirable. This is a great way to get a few family milkers or pets.

Contact us for more information.  Unless otherwise noted, all our goats are well-socialized and most are extremely friendly.


Here is a list of the junior does available at this time:

None currently available

None currently available

Email us to inquire about upcoming juniors for sale.


Our bucks available for sale:


My Kids Farm SF Over The Moon - RESALE

Moon is the son of a CH in ADGA and an SG dam that really excelled in dairy character and longevity in the breed with over 16 years and 18 freshenings in another herd. Available for resale.

Remember, bucks must have a companion year 'round!

Email us to inquire about these boys.


Here are our pets and wethers for sale:



Zoinks is our first and favorite wether. Adorable and extremely friendly - he loves to be a lap goat or jogging buddy! Pet, but registerable in AGS if you want.

Wethers make excellent pets, heat detectors, companions, and brush controllers!  Check back often or contact us to reserve a wether available once weaned and healed from wethering surgery. In the meantime, check out our other pets & companions available!


Thank you to all our wonderful customers who have given our goats amazing homes!

Photos courtesy of Edgefield, "Fair Skies WP Zoe On My Way" and "Fair Skies CC Z Sweet Life"

Snoopy and Woodstock with their new family Snoopy and Woodstock with their new family
Fair Skies XS YoYoMa and Fair Skies XS Yistletaw (aka "Snoopy and Woodstock" with their new family

Zaibatsu Zephyrus
Fair Skies XS Zaibatsu and Fair Skies CC Zephyrus before heading to their new home

Zoot Suit Riot Zoot Suit Riot
Fair Skies YZ Zoot Suit Riot at his new farm, photos courtesy of the Walker Family

Zamarra Zamarra
Photos of Fair Skies WP Zamarra courtesy of the Ryan Family

chocolate wether Multi-colored wether
Fair Skies Alaska's Humphry and Fair Skies Alaska's Xavier before heading to their new home in Sitka (and now California!)

Molly's twin bucks Molly's twin bucks
Uno and SkipBo before departing with their new family

Fair Skies Alaska's Kayley before departing to her new home

YoYo wether
Augie before heading to his new home in Delta (now North Pole!) with Aggie

Zsa Zsa's twin bucks
Fair Skies Alaska's Sugar and Fair Skies Alaska's Roy before heading to their new home in Big Lake

Molly with twin bucks pregnant Molly Fall 2009
My Kids Farm KT Black Molly before heading to her new home in Kasilof

Yo Yo Yancey
YooYoo and Yancey before heading to their home in Juneau


We practice strict bio-security.  Our herd comes from clean-tested, high-quality stock with a long history of negative test results.  Additionally, our vet recently tested and examined the entire herd and the results confirm we remain negative for CAE, CL, and Johne's (no sign of the diseases found).  Copies of complete test results are always available for inspection by prospective buyers and they are available for download from our Herd Health page.

All our goats are either disbudded or naturally hornless (polled) and we suggest they live with other disbudded or hornless animals. Under no circumstances will we send a goat to a home where they will live alone. There must be at least two goats kept together at all times.  This means a doe needs to be with at least one other doe or a wether at all times and a buck needs to be with at least one other buck or a whether of similar size/weight as a companion.  The only other option is to practice rotational breeding.  The ideal set-up for rotational breeding is to select three does and a buck or two does, a wether, and a buck.  In a three-doe, one-buck rotational breeding scenario, the does are rotated between the buck and doe pen for breeding.  There are always two does in the doe pen and one in the buck pen.  In a two-doe, one-wether, one-buck set-up, the wether rotates between the buck and doe pen, depending on when a doe is in with the buck for breeding.  In any of these plans, no one is ever alone except for a brief period at kidding time or when they are isolated for illness.  This is ideal for herd (prey) animals that need safety, defense, and warmth in numbers, so please plan accordingly.  We have plenty of other goats to pair and we do offer discounts for multiple purchases. Our goats may go in pairs, as companions to any of our other goats for sale from our herd, or to another solid, experienced home with other goats of their size.  If you don't have experience with goats, we can help you build a network of mentors!


For naturally raised, free-range, farm-fresh eggs and fowl, please see 's No Rest.


We pet, farm, house, & barn sit!  We know you don't want to needlessly stress out your animals while you're away! Don't board them out, let us pet, farm, house, and barn sit for you! We are a responsible, professional, drug-free, alcohol-free, non-smoking, married couple with experience handling pets and livestock (cats, dogs, fish, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, horses, goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys, etc.).

In addition to the basics of watching and securing your property, collecting mail and newspapers, watering plants, opening and closing window coverings, turning lights on and off, and tidying up, we can feed and medicate animals, clean litterboxes, collect eggs, milk goats, handle animals for the veterinarian and farrier, rotate turn-out, blanket animals, check fences, and more!  We are familiar with off-grid power systems and wood stoves and we're also willing to learn with new animals and tasks.  Your animals will be much more comfortable at home, on their same diets and routines, and you'll know everything is safe and secure.

Let us give you peace of mind while you're away. We're experienced and have references. Email us your approximate location, the month of absence (for your protection, please do not send your exact dates until we connect!), and a summary of your needs.  If you have a budget in mind, please include this in your email.  We'll do our best to help!


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We are located at 's No Rest, Juneau, Alaska
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