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Sales & Reservation Policies

Before pondering a purchase from us, please view these pages: about us, herd health, dairy production, and breeding goals.

The following are our sale and reservation policies.  As we establish a relationship with you, we may make exceptions to these policies as we see fit, but these are generally what we expect of our customers and what our customers can expect of us.   Most of these are standard agreements commonly found in place with other goat breeders and often there is never an issue, but we prefer to be up-front to avoid future conflict.

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Updated 5 January 2012

We reserve the right to retain any animal at any time.  We reserve the right to sexually alter (wether bucks or spay does), or euthanize (or sell for consumption) any animal.   This may occur if we deem the animal to be of inadequate quality for breeding or intended purpose.  Certain disqualifying faults, such as less/more than 2 teats (or more than one orifice per teat or the presence of teat spurs), less/more than 2 testicles on a buck, birth defects, etc. may lead to this decision (but are not limited to these issues).  These animals can often live a fruitful life as a companion or pet and they may be offered for sale as an altered animal, with or without registration papers with the understanding that they cannot be bred.

Prices and availability on unreserved animals are subject to change.

We encourage deposits for reservations on a kid of a specified sex from a specified kidding.  We will place these reservations in the order in which we receive clear payment.  If your payment does not clear our account before another reservation payment clears, your reservation will fall next in line.

Deposits for reserving a kid are $50 per kid under 30 days of age.  Once the reserved animal reaches the age of 30 days old, another $50 will be due to hold that animal until weaning. Reservations on animals over 30 days of age are $100. The balance is due upon weaning, pick-up, delivery, or shipment, whichever is to occur first.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

We want you to be happy!  Still, there are no guarantees in nature.  It helps if you are very clear on your desires for a particular kidding.  We will do our best to accommodate you and provide you with a kid that meets your needs.  We cannot guarantee color or patterns.  Although we understand some buyers prefer different colors or patterns, we strongly discourage buying a goat strictly on these traits.

All animals will leave our farm in the best health we can provide, free of certain disqualifying traits, unless otherwise disclosed and priced accordingly.

All animals born with horns will be disbudded shortly after birth.   Even with disbudding, scurs may still develop. Scurs that develop after the goat leaves our care are the responsibility of the buyer.

Unless otherwise disclosed, all animals will carry Fair Skies "SKYS" and other related identifying tattoos registered with AGS, ADGA, and NDGA.

Does and bucks sold with registration papers will be registered with American Goat Society (AGS) and American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).  Wethers will not be registered with ADGA.  Our kids may be registered with Nigerian Dairy Goat Association (NDGA) but we do not routinely provide this service.  Please note, NDGA's breed standard has slightly different maximum heights than ADGA & AGS and some of our goats may be taller than the NDGA standard allows for showing.  We cannot guarantee a goat will not go overheight, but we do plan breedings accordingly and always disclose the parents' measured heights to the buyers if they are close to the ADGA & AGS maximums. An overheight goat may not be eligible for showing or registration and we personally discourage breeding overheight animals. Since height is an important identifying characteristic of the breed, please be sure you consider height when you buy!

Goats are herd animals and it is our opinion that Nigerian Dwarves are too small to safely co-habitate with larger animals like horses and cattle.  Companions should be of similar size/weight.  Under no circumstances will we send a goat to a home where they will live alone.  There must be at least two goats kept together at all times.  This means a doe needs to be with at least one other doe or a wether at all times and a buck needs to be with at least one other buck or a wether.  Another option is to practice rotational breeding.  The ideal set-up for rotational breeding is to select three does and a buck or two does, a wether, and a buck.  In a three-doe, one-buck rotational breeding scenario, the does are rotated between the buck and doe pen for breeding.  There are always two does in the doe pen and one doe in the buck pen with the buck.  In a two-doe, one-wether, one-buck set-up, the wether rotates between the buck and doe pen, depending on when a doe is in with the buck for breeding.  In any of these plans, no one is ever alone except for a brief period at kidding time or when they are isolated for illness.  This is ideal for herd (prey) animals that need safety, defense, and warmth in numbers, so please plan accordingly.  We have plenty of other goats to pair and we work with other trusted herds so no one has to go home alone. We may offer a discount on simultaneous purchases of multiple animals so that your goats are not lonely, but we will not sell a single animal to a home that does not have any other goats, unless the animal is expressly sold for imminent humane consumption.

We do ask that you share both your successes and your disappointments with us so that we can adjust our breeding program accordingly.  This valuable information helps us to gauge the success of our pairings.  However, due to our commitment to a bio-secure farm and the risk to our remaining family stock, we cannot guarantee the acceptance of an animal back, especially if the animal has been exposed to untested or untrusted animals.  However, if you are ever disappointed with your animal or if your animal develops certain disqualifying traits, please contact us to give us an opportunity to advise you in an altered course of care, which may include humane euthanasia or rehoming.

We expect you to take responsibility for your animal once they leave our care, which may include veterinary attention, medications, and other care as the need arises.  Although we strive to assist our buyers in the care of their animals, due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot be held responsible for the condition of the animal once it is no longer in our possession.

We prefer to conduct our transactions with cash and we are always happy to provide a written receipt.  Registration (if included with the sale) and ownership papers will be provided with the animal at the time of a cash sale, if they are included with the sale.

We can also accept payments made by check.  Unless otherwise disclosed, trusted customers will receive registration and ownership papers at the time of sale.  However, if you are a new or untrusted customer, ownership papers (and registration papers if they are included with the sale) will not be provided until the payment clears.

We can also accept payments made by credit card via PayPal.  If you wish to use PayPal, please contact us in advance and allow us to invoice you with the correct charges.  Since we cover the PayPal transaction fees on our end as required by PayPal, we require a $100 minimum payment per transaction.  Please do not send any money through PayPal until we have provided you a total and agreed to the transaction.

We can accept partial payments toward a reservation or the purchase of an animal, but we must add a one-time non-refundable surcharge of $10 per animal.  We will not put your reservation in line until the total reservation and surcharge fees have cleared.  The animal will not be sold to the party attempting reservation of the animal until the total amount due has cleared.  Chargebacks, canceled checks, and other instances of tied-up funds are the responsibility of the buyer.  If not immediately resolved in favor of Fair Skies, such instances may result in repossession, collection efforts, and criminal and civil filings.

Except where otherwise noted, registration papers will be provided to the purchasing party upon receipt of clear funds in full.

We reserve the right to refuse a sale to or a reservation from anyone, at any time, for any reason.

We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if we are unable to reach you in a timely fashion or under certain other circumstances.  Please be sure to provide us with reliable contact information so that we can alert you to the birth of your reserved kid and discuss weaning and delivery dates.

All prices stated for our animals are based on sales made at our farm.  If you are outside Southcentral Alaska, we can arrange for shipping out of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC).  We can also acquire testing beyond our typically scheduled herd tests, but you will be responsible for all related costs, including but not limited to vet examinations, health certificates, vaccinations, airfare, crates, etc.  It is our policy to have a health certificate done on all animals traveling out of town by commercial transport, even if the carrier does not require it.  We also recommend health certificates be done if anyone but the buyer will pick-up or transport the animal to its final destination.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot be held responsible for the condition of the animal once it leaves our possession.  We are not responsible for loss, theft, damage, illness, nor injury once the animal leaves our possession.  Please ensure your transporter provides identification and checks the animal's identification upon pick-up!  We also strongly urge you to check the shipper's references and insure the shipment!

We will arrange mandatory veterinary exams.  Buyers are responsible for arranging optional veterinary exams.  Fees for health certificates, examinations, vaccinations, and optional treatments are due upon scheduling.  Once incurred, these fees are non-refundable. 

We prefer not to wean a goat the same day it leaves the farm.  Instead, to minimize stress, we prefer to wean a few weeks prior to ensure a strong transition to a non-milk diet.  We typically wean around 12 weeks of age, unless the goat needs additional time with its mother and it is otherwise arranged.  Unless prior arrangements allow a later stay, goats must be picked up from the farm or shipped from the farm 14 calendar days from weaning.  Goats that stay beyond this date will incur a $3/day boarding fee.  While we will continue to provide the best care available for your goat, we are not responsible for illness, injury, or death after purchase while boarded at our farm or en route to your destination.  You will be responsible for all liabilities, including but not limited to veterinary and related expenses incurred on your animal's behalf and provided at our discretion, regardless of outcome.  Animals not picked up or shipped out within 30 calendar days of weaning are considered abandoned, unless prior arrangements allow a later stay.  Unless otherwise agreed in writing, animals returned to our property are considered abandoned.  (Due to our commitment to a bio-secure farm, we cannot guarantee we can accept an animal back, especially if the animal has been exposed to untested or untrusted animals.)  Abandoned goats will stay in/revert back to our ownership.  Those who abandon a goat under these terms may be responsible for a contract cancellation fee of $50 per animal, in addition to the $100 deposit required by 30 days of age, as well as boarding, veterinary, and related care expenses incurred during this 30-day post-weaning period.

We may offer discounts for multiple purchases or discounts for buyers involved in certain projects.  Please tell us about your project and inquire directly before making a deposit or purchase.

We may offer a credit toward a future purchase if you place and maintain your herd on test through the Dairy Herd Improvement program.

We may offer a credit toward a future purchase if you show your Fair Skies animal at officially sanctioned American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA), American Goat Society (AGS), or Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association (NDGA) shows.


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