Fair Skies Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, at 's No Rest, Wasilla, Alaska, 907.232.5414 or 907.441.1851
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Junior does

As we begin our fourth year (2010-2011), we continue to build our herd and select the genetics for overall performance in production, conformation, and longevity.

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Updated 8 March 2011

Junior Does
      XR Yakutat - 2 x RGC Jr. Doe, 2009 ANDDA Reserve All-American Sr. Yearling

      Lost Valley C Mockingbird - 1 x GCH Jr. Doe (Taylor, ADGA)

      Fair Skies CC American Beauty - 4 x RGC Jr. Doe (Layman, Taylor, & Rucker, ADGA, Rucker, AGS)

      Fair Skies CC Arabica

      Fair Skies ZEP All My Love

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   XR Yakutat
     ADGA appraised VVVV (Very Good) (01-05), young stock

S: DD Tiny Toes MB Xaver
     ADGA Appraised VVV 87 (02-04)
          SS: D&D KB Moneybroker
          SD: D&D Exotic Nettles

D: DesertNanny Tequila Sunrise *D 1*M AR
     ADGA Appraised V+V+ 85 (02-04)
          DS: Twin Creeks DJ Hornblower
          DD: Twin Creeks WB Bavarian Rain

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   DOB: February 4, 2008


2 x RGC Jr. Doe
2009 ANDDA Reserve All-American Sr. Yearling

We are located at 's No Rest, Wasilla soon to be Juneau, Alaska!
Our mailing address is PO Box 240562, Anchorage, AK 99524 (watch for updates but our mail will be forwarded)

You may email us at: H.Fair@hotmail.com

You may call us at:
907.232.5414 (local call from Mat-Su, watch for new Juneau number)
or 907.441.1851 (local call from Anchorage)
Please note the current time in Alaska (we are 4 hours BEHIND the East Coast of the United States).

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