Fair Skies Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, at 's No Rest, Juenau, Alaska, 907.232.5414
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As we begin our fourth year (2010-2011), we continue to build our herd and select the genetics for overall performance in production, conformation, and longevity.

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Updated 18 November 2011

    Senior Does - Summary Page

             Sandy Hollow SS Butterscotch 3*D 3*M

             TH Xtreme Grace 4*D 4*M

             ARMCH GCH DJ Ida Bomb *D *M

             Fair Skies CC You'reGonnaLuvMe 4*D 4*M

             XR Yipsy 4*D 4*M

             Fair Skies XK Yantarni 3*D 3*M - DNA profile on file with ADGA

         First Fresheners - Summary Page

                  Fair Skies WP Zsa Zsa - 1 x GC Jr. Doe (Taylor, ADGA), 1 x RGC Jr. Doe (Layman, ADGA)

                  Fair Skies WP ZSays Who?

                  Lost Valley C Mockingbird - 1 x GCH Jr. Doe (Taylor, ADGA), 1 x RGC Jr. Doe (Rucker, ADGA (?check))

                  SG Fair Skies CC American Beauty - 1 x GCH Sr. Doe (Acton, ADGA), 1 x RCH Jr. Doe (Henning, ADGA), 4 x RGC Jr. Doe (Layman, Taylor, & Rucker, ADGA, Rucker, AGS)

                  SG Fair Skies CC Arabica


    Junior Does - Summary Page

             Fair Skies YZ Amoré

             Fair Skies YP Alpenglow

             Fair Skies CC Abracadabra

             Fair Skies YP AnnieGetYerGun

             Fair Skies CC Allegedly - DNA profile confirmed and on file with ADGA

             Fair Skies XK A Strike of Luck

             Fair Skies XK A Flash of Gold

             Edgefield Awestruck

             My Kids Farm SF Butterfinger

             Lost Valley MR Terabyte - 1 x GCH Jr. Doe (Rucker, ADGA)

             XR Yakutat - 2 x RCH Jr. Doe, 2009 ANDDA Reserve All-American Sr. Yearling


         Wee Ones - Summary Page

                  Fair Skies YP AgainstTheGrain

                  Fair Skies YP Avon Calling

                  Fair Skies OM Brillare

                  Fair Skies AD Brazen

                  Fair Skies AD BohemianRhapsody - DNA profile confirmed and on file with ADGA

                  Fair Skies OM Bella Mi

                  Fair Skies OM Bloom

                  Fair Skies AD Boussole

                  Fair Skies AD Bella Notte

                  Fair Skies AD Blonde Bombshell


    Reference Does

             SGCH TH XBean 3*D 3*M - DNA profile on file with ADGA

             Fair Skies ZEP All My Love

             Fair Skies YZ Zvonari - 2 x GCH Jr. Doe (Taylor (?check), Layman, ADGA)

             JC WhisperSweetly 2*D 2*M

             My Kids Farm KT Black Molly

             XO Yoo Yoo (we call her YoYo)

             XO Yancey - 1 x GCH Jr. Doe (Hendrickson, ADGA)

             Fair Skies CC Zen

             My Kids Farm B. Say ItAin'tSo 2*D 2*M

             JT Villa Nova - 1 x GCH Jr. Doe (Layman (?check), ADGA)

             SB WaitingForMe 2*D 2*M

We are located at 's No Rest, Juneau, Alaska!
Our mailing address is PO Box 22189, Juneau, AK 99802

You may email us at: H.Fair@hotmail.com

You may call us at:
907.232.5414 (local call from Mat-Su, watch for new Juneau number)
Please note the current time in Alaska (we are 4 hours BEHIND the East Coast of the United States).

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