Fair Skies Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, at 's No Rest, Wasilla, Alaska, 907.232.5414 or 907.441.1851

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Updated 17 September 2014

Wow do we have news! The ENTIRE herd once again tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johne's, September 11, 2014. OH, AND WE ARE MOVING TO JUNEAU, ALASKA! See our Sales page for many lovely animals for sale NOW!

Fair Skies is part of 's No Rest, our home and our fledgling farm.  Originally located on 20 gorgeous pastoral acres in southwest Wasilla, Alaska, near the communities of Big Lake and Houston. In late 2013, work beckoned us to Juneau and so we are picking up and moving our nest to Heather's hometown where we hope to once again share our love for farming with the community. Heather was once an avid 4Her in this town and we are so thankful for the support of our friends there! We won't have 20 acres in Juneau, so we're downsizing (as has been planned for a while). Stay tuned for updates and announcements and check out the sales page!

We built this website to allow you a peek from the comfort of your own home.  Should you find yourself intrigued by our way of life, we hope to welcome you for a personal visit once we're settled in our new location. Due to our hectic schedules and biosecure practices, advanced appointments are required.

For more information about our herd, please visit our About us page.  This site is still under construction and we hope you'll return often to watch us grow.  We will be adding several more tidbits of information about our goats, the development of our herd, and our plans for the coming years.  Welcome to our website.

Heather Fair
's No Rest
Wasilla soon to be Juneau, Alaska!

We are located at 's No Rest, Wasilla soon to be Juneau, Alaska!
Our NEW mailing address is PO Box 22189, Juneau, AK 99802

You may email us at: H.Fair@hotmail.com

You may call us at:
907.232.5414 (local call from Mat-Su, watch for new Juneau number)
or 907.441.1851 (local call from Anchorage)
Please note the current time in Alaska (we are 4 hours BEHIND the East Coast of the United States).

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